Exhibition info
15 Febrary - 3 March 2019,
Wall. Seoul in Seoul, South Korea
Attending as an artist in the ‘ASIAN UNIT SHOW 2019’, more informations are coming soon.

Exhibition info

19 January 2019 - 24 Febrary 2019
AFTM Gallery, Brisbane
I participate in the group show ‘Lunar Down Under, Asian Art 2019’ at the AFTM gallery in Brisbane.

Art Festival info
4 November 2018 10am-2pm, Netherworld, Brisbane
Attending at ‘Brisbane Comic and Arts Festival’ at Netherworld in Brisbane. 

Exhibition info
7-20 June 2018, Dmbankment Galleries, Sumerset House, London
The picture of [The forest on the night] shortlisted will be the part of the show in London.

Shortlist info
One of the picture of the children’s book [The forest of the night] has been shortlisted by the jury for the World Illustration Awards 2018. 

Exhibition info
14 - 18 Febrary 2018, 28 Febrary - 4 March 2018, William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane
My artwork ‘The forest of the night 2017’ will project to the Williom Jolly Bridge in Brisbane for two times during the BrisAsia festival 2018 by the Brisbane Council. The image is extracted from a picture book that I wrote and drew recently. It is about the death of a grandmother who lost everything and comes back to the house of the children as a reincarnated bird. Graphite on watercolour paper, Digitally coloured.

Exhibition info
10 - 29 November 2017
I participate in as an artist out of 20 local artists at the LONE GOAT SHOW, Byron bay. 



Luka Carstens-Hey, Meredith Cusack, Michael Cusack, Franco Girardi, Brent Hallard, Sem Han, Emily Imeson, Christine James, Jess Leitmanis, Anne Leon, Mahala Magins, Jay Manby, Tabitha McGregor, Kim McLean, Paul McNeil, Potts, Caitlin Reilly, Craig Rochfort, David Sparkes, Myo Yim

10 - 29 November 2017
Opening 6 - 8PM Friday 10 November

  way back home 2017, pencil on paper, 40x50