밤의 숲
the forest of the night

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Grizzly bear hats
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author, illustrator, crafter 

Myo Yim is an illustrator based on Byron bay shire in Australia, originally from Seoul, Korea.  Any creation turf should be her area but the pencil drawing is the most theraputic way to go through the rough world.
Any inquiries, 
email     uzuro2@gmail.com
mobile  0481.719.295 

한국과 호주에서 uzuro2 혹은 MYO 라는 필명으로 2010년부터 일러스트레이터로 꾸준히 활동해 왔습니다. 
현재 Myo Yim (Hyo Young Yim) 이란 영문명으로 호주 바이런베이에서 그림 작업과 전시를 하고 있습니다.
작업관련 문의는
이메일 uzuro2@gmail.com 혹은
카카오톡 ID  ymyo 로 주시면 됩니다. 

밤의 숲[The forest of the night] 글, 그림 임효영  노랑상상 2019

Group exhibitions

2019 [Asian Unit Show] in Wall.Seoul gallery in Seoul, South Korea
2019 [Luna down under] AFTM gallery in Brisbane, Australia
2018 [WIA 2018] in Dmbankment galleries Sumerset House in London, Unite Kingdom
2017 [Goat show] in Lone Goat Gallery in Byron bay, Australia

sewing works
2017 [Monkey Mokey Shake Shake] in Lone Goat Gallery in Byron bay, Australia
2016 [Monkey Mokey Shake Shake] in slowslowquickquick gallery in Seoul, Korea
2015 [Monkey Mokey Shake Shake] in 30/300 gallery in Seoul, Korea

2017 MMSS Grizzly Bear hat making in Lone Goat Gallery in Byron bay, Australia
2017 MMSS Grizzly Bear hat making in Splendour in the Grass, Australia
2016 MMSS Grizzly Bear hat making in slowslowquickquick gallery in Seoul, Korea

commercail works history

children’s book
WoonginDacheak 특별한 관심 새로운 음악, 메시앙  2008
Hanul education 국회의원이 된 양심이 2009
Deawon media 특수분장사가 될테야 2009
Yeowon media 어린이 워크북 2010
Woongin 세계 도시여행 지그재그 2010
WoonginDacheak 끽딱봉 학교에 가다 2010
WoonginDacheak 신화밖 신화여행, 인도 2010
Woongin 요리조리 세계 동물탐험 2011
Woongin 유아백과 산과 숲 2013
Woongin 유아백과 식물 2013
Woongin 사회, 동굴 2014
Borim (cover illustration) 여섯가닥머리카락 2015
Woongin 북클럽, 시끌벅적 곤충연주회 2018

magazine works clients
Elle girl Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Cosmo campas, NYLON Korea, Heren Korea, Avenel Korea etc. 

Myo has lots of work experiences of commercial in the visual art area, childrens book, main stream magazines and even motion graphic industries. She is preparing her own new drawing book at the Byron bay now.